About Us

We're Velour. Redefining the gift of luxury. 

Yesterday was about roses only last a week. Today is about roses that can last up to a year. 

Our luxury rose arrangements are handcrafted, making a statement like no other. Each arrangement is designed with lush roses directly from fields in Ecuador. 

Ecuadorian roses are the best roses of the world, coveted for their beauty and sweet fragrance. 

These natural roses are transformed into preserved roses through the use of a non-toxic proprietary solution. Additionally, a colour pigmentation process allows the roses to achieve their brightest and most vibrant colours. This allows the roses to maintain freshness, shape and scent for up to a year. Because at Velour, we believe in eternal beauty and eternal roses.

To complete the luxurious look and feel of our gift we have designed our boxes out of velour fabric. Perfectly exemplifying luxury, combined with a smooth touch and beauty. 

Give the gift of love with an arrangement that will leave an everlasting impression, perfect for any occasion. 

Velour Roses is the best flower shop based in Toronto, offering shipping in North America.